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Ray Mitchell is Sr. Minister of the World Prayer Center Home Fellowship. A ministry dedicated to loving by God by serving trough prayer.  He has held positions in several ministerial positions to include service to the homeless and sick and shut-in.

Ray has a Masters of Ministry from Southwestern Christian University and he is a bachelor an alumnus of Thomas Edison State College Trenton, NJ.

Life Purpose


My life purpose is to seek the will of my Heavenly Father and carry out His plans for my life as a servant leader.  My life will be characterized as a passionate based life lived out jointly with love, prayer, family and faith. The primary thrusts of my life will be to create eternal wealth as a servant.


Major Role


I believe the role that will allow me best to fulfill this life purpose is that of an innovative servant leader in all that I do. I will commit to train faithful people, who will be able to teach others


Unique Methods


An important factor in carrying forth this purpose will be the ministry of prayer and the utilization of communications systems.


Ultimate Contribution


I know that if I am to leave behind a lasting legacy I must become more proactive about running the race set before me and more focused on finishing my course of servant leadership and organizational development. I must be steadfast in prayer, seeking the will of God in developing relationships. In seeking to do this I know that God will constantly affirm me and renew me personally with a satisfying life. At the end of my journey I want to hear my God say well done my good and faithful servant well done.